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For people that “think” they hate Mondays consider this:

The name Monday was once Moon’s day. It is the day of the moon and so named in celebration and reverence to its feminine quality and power. What that means is that Moon’s day is a power day for women. Next time, instead of complaining about the start of the week, celebrate the power of […]

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Why energy medicine uses Reiki but not reiki guides

Why Energy Medicine uses Reiki, but not Reiki Guides By: Chyna Honey

The answer is simple, but not popular among the Reiki Professionals using terminology that credits the use of guides to promote the practice of Reiki. In Energy Medicine, Reiki is experienced as something tangible, a vibration that is felt and understood as a tool for bringing greater well-being and balance to humankind. To the Professional […]

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An argument for seperating the five reiki principles from the practice of reiki

An Argument for separating the Five Reiki Principles from the practice of Reiki By: Chyna Honey

The Five Reiki Principles are not principles of Reiki. Instead they are principles, or guidelines of behavior that have been attached to its practice. Reiki, in its purest explanation, is the application of the Reiki vibration from a channel to a recipient into a receiver.  The Five Reiki Principles were developed and shared by Master […]

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Using smoke to cleanse negative energies

Using Smoke to Cleanse Negative Energies By: Chyna Honey

Since humans have existed on this wonderful blue and green planet, smudging and the burning of incense has been used as a way to cleanse and purify the energy of spaces. While its practice has been most associated with that of indigenous people, religious and secret societies, and hippie or new-age subcultures, its use and its benefit belongs […]

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Understanding the difference between acupuncture and reiki

Understanding the difference between Acupuncture and Reiki By: Chyna Honey

Acupuncture and Reiki are natural, energy healing practices that are used to repair, remedy and replenish the energy system of the person receiving treatment. Both practices place their origins and history in Asia, and both are considered by Western societies to be Alternative, Eastern or Complementary Healing practices. This is because most western countries and […]

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Why Reiki is a critical part of our self care regime

Why Reiki is a Critical Part of our Self-Care Regime By: Chyna Honey

One of the more chronic problems affecting people today is something we either hear very little about or have sadly accepted as just the way things are. The problem inherent in this unacknowledged acceptance is that it limits our access to better information and so keeps us struggling with this common, chronic condition. A condition […]

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Ever wonder how Reiki helps to improve an overall self care practice

How Reiki helps to improve an Overall Self-care practice By: Chyna Honey

On almost a daily basis our attention and responsibilities are pulled in many directions. When times gets tough, and our stress levels increase, our perception of time, and how much of we have of it, diminishes. This is often when our own self-care practice becomes sacrificed under the guise that giving ourselves less enables us […]

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How to create and nurture a consistent reiki practice

How and Why to Create and Nurture a Consistent Reiki Practice

Creating and nurturing a consistent Reiki practice is easier than initial appearances suggest.  In practice, Reiki requires no more planning or forethought than most self-care activities, such as brushing teeth, and it can be no more conspicuous than drinking a glass of water. So if a consistent Reiki practice requires no planning or special time set aside each day […]

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An explanation of how and why Reiki works

An Explanation of How and Why Reiki Works! By: Chyna Honey

What Reiki has become best known for, and most spoken about is its ability to provide deep relaxation naturally without any known side effects, impairments or contraindications. While most know Reiki effectively does this, few understand how Reiki achieves it, and fewer still have language to explain it.  This is because Reiki is commonly spoken […]

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Reiki a gift and resolution all in one

Reiki: A gift & resolution all in one! By: Chyna Honey

At this time of year people often start listing their new years resolutions, which are generally designed to help people live a happier, healthier, and more enjoyable lifestyle. The problem however that many ultimately face is that is most resolutions end up depriving the person of things enjoyed, or used as a coping crutch without […]

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