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The focus of our Reiki Program (pronounced “ray-key”) is to teach, inform, use, and have fun with Reiki the vibration in its most pure form and purpose: as an Energy Medicine technique. Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine by Chyna Honey is our reference book.

We teach children and adults new to Reiki as well as advanced classes for dedicated students and professionals. Reiki classes are called "attunements". This is because the student's energy anatomy is 'tuned' to Reiki. This is more similar to how a radio is tuned to a particular frequency that can then receive and transmit a station, than it is to the student's mind learning the way you would learn math. Our Level one Reiki class is approved for 6 Continuing Education Units for Certified Massage Therapists. It costs $260.

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Reiki Circle

Our Reiki Circle is a time for people to meet and practice on each other in an informal situation. All are welcome, including those new to Reiki. We have a separate Circle for adults and children. Both cost $20.

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reiki Healing Advanced Reiki Training

We offer opportunities for existing students or professionals to practice and advance their learning. We mentor people hoping to deepen their practice, move from the informal to the professional realm, or current professionals who want to explore Reiki as an Energy Medicine technique. If you are interested in the advanced training, please call the office to discuss your situation and speak with our Clinic Director Tiffany at 415.380.8600.

reiki Healing Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine

By Chyna Honey, this is the book we use for our curriculum and the only book on Reiki that Healing for People recommends. It really is that different from the others.

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reiki Healing Meditation Class

There's a mistake most people make about meditation, which is to believe it's all about the mind. This misunderstanding prevents the mind from finding the true balance it needs in order to relax and settle into the role that is natural to it. It is also the reason why so many people begin meditation but feel they have failed or don't keep it up. We hold a meditation class that offers people a way to understand and practice meditation that is easy, sustainable and truly effective. It costs $15.

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Do you need to stop the impact of your past experiences on your present life?

We work with people who know that their past experiences are creating unwanted behaviors, illnesses or thoughts in their present life. We have success with survivors of emotional, sexual and physical abuse, combat veterans, cult survivors, and people who did not know what the problem was, just that something was holding them back.

This is possible because of a technique created by our Co-founder Jim Honey called the Honey Healing Method (HHM). The HHM does not try to use the mind to accept or come to terms with past events.  It goes straight to the body, straight to the energy, and gives the person an opportunity to release the charge without talking or explaining. The memories will always be there, but they become memories at a distance, without charge or intensity.

This is for people who are aware that their past is negatively affecting them but nothing they try, no matter how much they "understand" or "work with it", has been able to give them freedom that lasts.

More Testimonials

"At Healing for People I found a sense of connection to my deepest self. I had given up on finding it through mediation. What I have now is something I’ve longed for my whole life and see other people hoping for the same thing."

-LK, Female aged 69

"Jim Honey is an extraordinary healer. Whatever your problem, be it physical or mental, if you really want to remedy it then Jim is the man to see. He's helped me break free and into a bright new world. He's honest and open and friendly, and quite simply one of the best healers in the world today. Oh, and he's also quite funny."

-DC, Male, Age 40

"These sessions have been one of the major turning points in my recovery from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I have also had a painful knee for nearly 30 years and been told that the only medical option was to have a knee replacement. I saw Jim and since then I have had very little trouble with my knee at all. The best thing about these healing techniques is that you don’t have to discuss anything, just relax and let your energy do what it’s meant to do."

-SR, Female, Age 48

"It's hard to say exactly what my life would be like without Healing for People. A few years ago I had a nearly constant migraine, my body shook from undiagnosed PTSD, and the various doctors I saw didn't really take me seriously. All of that is so far behind me now that it's hard to remember how bad it was. Working with Healing for People allowed me to make permanent and powerful changes. I cannot recommend it enough."

-AB, female, Age 31

"When a friend told me about her own meeting with Tiffany, something inside me said, "You need to do that!" So I flew across the country to meet her. On my way toward Tiffany's office, I thought about the things that were making me feel unsettled and disconnected from the person I wanted to be. When I shared my thoughts and feelings with Tiffany that day, she heard me in a way I had never felt understood before. I could feel *in my body* the awareness she was helping me come to during that session. I had never before known the mind-body connection to be so strong. Six years ago, I left my first session with Tiffany on a new course in life. Every time I have met with her I have been changed in deep, fundamental, life-altering ways. In both body and mind, I am a more cohesive and full human being as a result of what she has helped me come to know about myself and how the mind and body work together."

-MH, female,age 40

"I was very skeptical when I first met Tiffany as I was totally unfamiliar with Energy Healing. During my first session, I was stunned as l actually felt that I was levitating with a fuzzy warmth around my entire body, which Tiffany attributed to the release of negative energy that had been accruing in my body for 50 some years. In subsequent sessions, she was able to help me help myself with several issues specifically regarding mental health and focus. My only regret is that I now reside in Southern California (better beaches, more waves, warmer weather and water) and there is no one available here with her abilities. "

-WG, Male, Age unknown

"I found Healing for People when I was suffering from deep and persistent anxiety that had hampered my ability to develop and engage deeply in my personal (and in some cases, professional) relationships. I didn't even realize how much baggage I was carrying due to past betrayals and disappointments, both by others and self-inflicted. Working with Tiffany helped me to move past these experiences, which had come to dominate my expectations of others and of myself. Within a few months, I found myself feeling freer, lighter, and like myself. The difference was notable, and perhaps even more importantly, it has been sustainable. I truly feel that I let go of my past and was able to move into my present. Now, I see Tiffany occasionally for a tune-up, when the accumulated stresses of life seem to be tipping towards overwhelming. I find that a session with her helps me balance, center, forgive, and focus, and I am so grateful that I met her when I did! "

--SW, female, age 36