Energy Medicine is a newly recognized branch of healthcare that addresses our energy health. Most of us are familiar with how to take care of our physical body and our mind, but many do not realize that we are also made up from energy systems and energy organs. It is the body, the mind and the energy that together make up the full human anatomy.

What is generally accepted or known within all communities and paradigms is that our mind, body and energy are interconnected. Any unaddressed imbalance in one will usually lead towards imbalances in another. What is not as widely accepted, at least not yet, is the fact that if the original imbalance is in our energy system, any treatments focused solely on our physical or mental systems will not give us permanent solutions. Instead we begin chasing symptoms, which is both tiring to body and mind, and often leaves people worrying if there is something wrong with them because what seems to work for others is not working for them.

Energy Medicine offers a more integrated approach by considering how the health, balance and consistency of our energy health effects our overall health. It’s often the missing piece.

We make change possible.

The work people do here will reduce or eliminate symptoms, release the charge of the past so it has no impact, and bring the clarity required to make decisions or change direction. This happens through individual healing appointments and educational courses.

Examples of what we do:


  • Migraines
  • joint pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Irritable bowel, digestion challenges
  • Prescription toxicity (e.g. symptoms of chemotherapy, peginterferon)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lyme disease


  • Cold limbs, low circulation
  • Auto-immune dysfunction
  • Sleeplessness, chronic fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Post-surgery pain and/or recovery
  • Scar tissue pain and restricted movement
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Endometriosis and fibroids

Mental and emotional:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in adults and children
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear of bridges, driving, water etc.
  • Nightmares
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Obsessive compulsive distorders
  • Anger management
  • Post Traumatic Stress Injuries


  • Eating imbalances
  • Self-abusive behavior
  • Wanting more success in relationships
  • Needing to find new career or get out of a rut
  • Desire to stop being stuck in a fight, flight or freeze response
  • Letting go of an ex-partner
  • Having a strong mental commitment, but continuing to make poor choices
  • “I have this thing…” that nobody can figure out

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Carol S.

"I can't even properly describe how wonderful and truly life changing this clinic is."

New Clients

As a new adult client you can choose to start with one of two appointments: Reiki or a Personal Assessment. There is information below to help you choose between the two, including a quick checklist. If you are still unsure, call the office at 415.380.8600 and speak with Tiffany, our Clinic Director. She will listen to your situation and give you some guidance.

If you hope to refer a child or young adult for an appointment or to learn Reiki themselves, please call Tiffany to discuss your situation individually.

reiki Healing Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is for people that have mild symptoms, a difficult time relaxing naturally, want to increase vitality, rebalance their mind, reduce mild pain and anxiety, improve sleep and generally boost overall health. It is also an excellent solution for people looking for self-care and preventative medicine. You or your child can also take one of our classes and learn to do Reiki for yourselves.

The cost for a New Client Reiki session is $150 for 75 minutes. After your first session, Reiki is $120 for 60 minutes.
Call 415.380.8600 or Book Here

personal assesment Personal Assessment

A Personal Assessment is for people who have moderate to severe symptoms, a specific diagnosis they wish to address, who feel blocked in their lives or feel unsure how to get traction out of a situation.

During an Assessment, we will listen to as much information as you want to share, e.g. what has and what has not worked previously, your priorities and your hypotheses, and any variables that you feel we need to understand. We will assess the vibrations present in your energy to evaluate which ones are out of alignment and out of balance. We use our understanding of energy and the human energy anatomy to understand how these imbalances are relevant to your everyday experience.

At the end of the hour you will have a clear understanding of how we view your situation, what service(s) we believe you need to address it, at what pace and combination, and why. The techniques we recommend may differ, but they will all be within the field of Energy Medicine. Some may address your energy anatomy directly. Others may be tools to help you understand how your thoughts, choices and behaviors contribute to the situation you want to change so that you can gain control and find success. We have a unique technique for the release of trauma that has tremendous success and does not require you to talk about the past. After you have all the information you can then decide what your next steps are, and take them in the way best suited to you.

The cost for a Personal Assessment is $150 for 60 minutes.
Call 415.380.8600 or Book Here

Quick Check-in

If you answer "yes" to any of these three questions, a Personal Assessment is likely to be more appropriate for you:

1) Do you have a medical diagnosis?

2) On a 1 - 10 scale with ten being extreme, is your pain level above a 4?

3) Have you been trying to solve this problem for longer than six weeks?

Don't forget, you can call Tiffany (our Clinic Director) if you would like more guidance. Her number is 415.380.8600.


Tiffany Hunter

Clinic Director /

Tiffany’s attentive and curious approach to healing coupled with her commitment to grow in her professional and personal life, makes her a healer that is easy to talk to, work with, and confide in. She is a natural nurturer and does everything she can to learn about and support her clients. She is also a natural teacher and has a great laugh, which makes it easy to receive information and healing from her while having fun and feeling cared for.

Tiffany has been studying healing and energy for over 27 years and approaches the subject with a playful curiosity. Through her deep understanding and use of many energy healing vibrations and frequencies, she helps clients get out of pain, reverse damage done to the body through illness and injury, and free themselves of debilitating symptoms that limit the scope and enjoyment of their lives.

Tiffany has a PhD in research psychology from the University College at University of London, based at the Anna Freud Center. After remaining at the University as a Research Fellow she became Program Director at Burt Children Center in San Francisco, a residential unit for children. In 2002 she took the best of all her information and combined it to open a private practice in Marin County, California under the name The Applied Energy Flow Healing System. For eleven years she offered healing and information to people looking to change their lives. She now puts all of her time and energy into the Healing for People clinic. Tiffany continues to study and learn from her colleagues and clients, laughs easily and remains inspired to offer her best.

Chyna Honey

Author of Understanding Reiki: Self-care to Energy Medicine / Co-founder

Chyna, like most of us, is known to be different things to different people. To some, she is the founder and owner of Café del Soul, two natural and organic cafes located in Marin County, California. To others, she is the Reiki Master / Teacher who wrote Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine. Two young ones call her Mama, one wonderful man calls her wife, and many call her friend.

What is clear as you cut through the descriptions and titles used to define Chyna, is that she has spent her life helping people by giving them access to better information, offering them better options, and by encouraging the best part of them to emerge unapologetically capable, and with renewed self-confidence. She has a supreme grasp of how our behavior, our thoughts, the way we treat ourselves and especially the way we allow others to treat us, has a profound effect on us. She believes in supporting people to be and act as their potential dictates, not as their mental scripts or programmed beliefs dictate.

Chyna teaches, mentors and inspires. And although the scope of each conversation may vary, the central theme found throughout is to help people go beyond the mundane aspects that define their lives so that they may better know and enjoy themselves, and through that understanding, better know and enjoy the world they are a part of.

Jim Honey

Creator of the Honey Healing Method /

To be the true master that he is now, Jim studied under many healing systems and healing masters for over 40 years. His work has resulted in countless people changing their lives, healing from illnesses they were told they could never cure, freeing themselves from pain they were told they would live with for the rest of their lives, and healing from traumas that range from the unimaginable to the seemingly insignificant.

Jim's work is the basis for all we do at Healing for People as well as in clinics across three continents. He created the Honey Healing Method, a revolutionary technique for people to use when they want to free themselves from the past.

He's a painter and an author, including the Way of the Wizards series. All his work uses energy as the foundation, allowing people to engage the best part of themselves for change and growth.

Always curious, always open for improvement, Jim continues to research any new healing techniques he can find. His sense of humor and playfulness - look out for the puns, makes him easy to work with. The depth and speed of his work is life-changing. The more complicated you and your problem, the more determined you are to solve it, the happier he is.

Jessica Miranda


Jessica Miranda brings to her work a longstanding interest in human health. She holds a BA in Psychology from Johnson State College, where she enjoyed taking alternative medicine courses, and she is committed to finding and sharing pure information. With a levelheaded personality and a gentle, intelligent sense of humor, Jessica is the first point of contact for new clients. While she works in an administrative role, Jessica is also a trained Reiki Level Two Practitioner with a deep understanding of Reiki.


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