How to create and nurture a consistent reiki practice

How and Why to Create and Nurture a Consistent Reiki Practice

Creating and nurturing a consistent Reiki practice is easier than initial appearances suggest.  In practice, Reiki requires no more planning or forethought than most self-care activities, such as brushing teeth, and it can be no more conspicuous than drinking a glass of water. So if a consistent Reiki practice requires no planning or special time set aside each day […]

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An explanation of how and why Reiki works

An Explanation of How and Why Reiki Works! By: Chyna Honey

What Reiki has become best known for, and most spoken about is its ability to provide deep relaxation naturally without any known side effects, impairments or contraindications. While most know Reiki effectively does this, few understand how Reiki achieves it, and fewer still have language to explain it.  This is because Reiki is commonly spoken […]

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Reiki a gift and resolution all in one

Reiki: A gift & resolution all in one! By: Chyna Honey

At this time of year people often start listing their new years resolutions, which are generally designed to help people live a happier, healthier, and more enjoyable lifestyle. The problem however that many ultimately face is that is most resolutions end up depriving the person of things enjoyed, or used as a coping crutch without […]

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Use Reiki to thrive this Holiday Season. By: Chyna Honey

The season of celebration and giving is also the season of imbalance and depletion.  If the holidays are packaged and sold as the season of giving, and its message is further wrapped in seemingly warm sentiments designed to make people feel that giving to others will ensure that they too will receive and be taken […]

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Understanding the difference between meditation and reiki

Difference between Meditation and Reiki By Chyna Honey

As both meditation and Reiki have been promoted for its relaxation benefits, people often confuse the two as equals, or misunderstand them as being substitutes for one another. This is not the case. Both meditation and Reiki provide relaxation. The difference between them is in the area where relaxation is achieved and then experienced by […]

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