How Reiki helps to improve an Overall Self-care practice By: Chyna Honey

Ever wonder how Reiki helps to improve an overall self care practice

On almost a daily basis our attention and responsibilities are pulled in many directions. When times gets tough, and our stress levels increase, our perception of time, and how much of we have of it, diminishes. This is often when our own self-care practice becomes sacrificed under the guise that giving ourselves less enables us to give others more. However, the fact is the opposite is true. When we stop meeting our basic self-care needs, we deplete the source of support we give to others and eventually things start to fall apart. The good here is that Reiki can help.

Reiki naturally provides the self-care your energy system needs each day to perform at its best, and feel both rested and energized, as well as balanced. In fact, Reiki, in many ways is to your energy system what water is to your physical body, and like water, a little bit can go a long way, but more will do you better.

So how does Reiki help improve the overall quality of a self-care practice? For those with a Reiki attunement, it does this by providing repair and remedy to the part of you that you cannot see but most definitely can feel, your energy system.

As a course of daily life, we are bombarded with energies that stress our energy system and ultimately our body, mind and emotional state. Providing self-care to our energy system helps us to heal from the subtle affects and damage sustained to us through daily interactions and activities. While few will discuss the state or health of their energy system, many will speak of, and be aware of their overall energy level, others will say they have a difficult time relaxing without a glass of wine, or sleep without a pill, while still others may notice a consistent and uncomfortable level of anxiety. The point is that each person will experience imbalances in their energy system differently, but eventually they will feel it.

In providing repair and remedy to the energy system, Reiki further assists in both helping to maintain awareness of daily needs and the mental clarity to meet and satiate them. What is key to mention here is that, generally speaking we are unaware of how the energies within our shared environment affect all parts of us, and while the depth of understanding this many be years, decades, if not a lifetime away, there is a remedy immediately available that repairs much of the wear and tear experienced. And when the subtler aspects of our experience are cared for, and tended to in equal measure with the most physical aspects of our experience, such as brushing our hair or trimming our nails, then our overall experience becomes less stressful and easier to enjoy. Reiki is a simple remedy that every person can use each day to make this happen. If you have a Reiki attunement that you can begin now, if you have yet to receive a Reiki attunement it is an easy and valuable gift to give yourself, and all you need to get started is a meeting with a Reiki Master/Teacher you feel comfortable with and trust.

So how do you know Reiki is working? This is where Reiki usually fails to receive the full credit its due, and this is mostly because you will rarely know what imbalances Reiki has remedied, and what that remedy has saved from you from in terms of ailments, illnesses or discomforts. In most cases using Reiki will leave feeling simply feel better, and most describe this feeling as being more relaxed. Still, there are things that if you’re paying attention, can provide insight into the depth of how Reiki helps. Overall what you’re looking for is greater ease in all things. Generally this comes in the form of small, but significant changes, which include things like sleeping better, ease in remembering to drink more water throughout the day, and greater ease in achieving relaxation on demand. If you’re prone to headaches, you may notice a change there, or if you tend to drink multiple cups of coffee a day, you may notice that subtly, the number of cups consumed has decreased. The key again is to look for small, but significant changes.

What is helpful to remember from the student to the Master is that Reiki is a self-care practice for the energy system, and that healing is a natural, daily activity. In fact, advanced healing is often, not always but often, the cause of a breakdown in a self-care practice. And this serves as a key reminder as we all live in a world where more is expected of us than less, and when the going gets tough, we are usually the ones who deprived us most from the care we need. Given the chance, Reiki will help.

Written by Chyna Honey, Author of Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine on 4/6/15

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